An adventure begins

This is the first entry of what I hope will be a long journey. It comes at a pivotal time in my life: I quit my job in the communication sector, finished my MA in International Relations, took a semester of architecture classes on a whim, worked as a journalist for three months, and I am now working in the finance and investment sector.

I recently took up archery. I am trying to take care of my self with healthy eating and exercise. I am looking at the world through an entirely different lens than I did just six months ago. I still have my friends and my loving family, so I count my self blessed.

And I am starting a blog – the reasons for which I explain in the About page. I will not go writing long essays about every day of my life, or analysing deep thoughts. And I promise you this will not be an every day endeavour – so if you opt to register for email alerts I promise you will only be getting one every two weeks or so. But I will offer you a glimpse into my world. With all of its ups and downs. The fog and the sunshine.

So, welcome.

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