Definitely not just a fluke…

It’s amazing what a person can do for your psychological and physical condition. They can make you feel a million times better (or worse) simply by being around. I was reminded of this last week when a very good friend – I would say my best and most compatible friend (no offence to all my other friends, who I cherish) – was in town.

It’s not like I don’t feel great when I am around my other friends or family, or I do not have huge amounts of fun. It’s just that I have a special relationship with this person that goes back over 20 years. And despite the physical distance between us, or the different paths our lives have taken, we have kept in touch. And that is important as far as I am concerned – as corny as that may sound.

So, my friend comes, we meet up, and that’s it. No matter how tired I had felt, or how many things I had to do, it all went out the window. We sat at home, played all day with the kids (I absolutely adore those munchkins), went out drinking, I even took a day off work and we went on a road trip – just because. No plans. Just what came along. Well, not exactly – we gladly accommodated the two rascals I mentioned earlier first, and then everything else.

The benefits of friendship to both physical and psychological health has been the focus of many studies and theories – be it medical, religious, metaphysical. And even when you look at it empirically, a friendship or a close relationship can benefit al aspects of life. Think about how one person (or small group of people) could pick you up when you are feeling down, can make you feel better, or think clearly when you are upset simply my listening and offering their opinion and debating situations with you.

Adding to that, I am “glad” to announce that the same applies, but to a much greater extent, to the joy of playing like or even with a child (or two). I was never particularly pro-child, but as of lately I can appreciate the joy they bring to your life despite the difficulties and need for a lifestyle changes (no matter how small or big).

The conclusion of the past week is that I feel more energised, despite the tiredness, I feel more alive, optimistic. The aim now is to maintain that momentum and make it the norm, halting the negative spiral that I had been caught into as of lately. I can not claim that I, or anyone for that matter, can eliminate all the sad moments in life – after all they are a part of life. But we should all try to make those moments as scarce and short as possible, finding someone (or something) that will make us happy.



Discussing my previous post with friends and family, I got the feedback that it was giving out a vibe of depression. As my godmother said after reading the post, she got the feeling that whoever wrote it is a person that does not laugh.

I understand their concerns. But I feel like I have to clarify that when I wrote the post I was feeling upset and a bit depressed. The post does reflect my emotional state at the time of writing. That does not mean that my life in the two weeks between posts was all depressed. Quite the contrary. But I refuse to hide the sadness when it strikes and focus only on the joy and happiness (“flowers and rainbows” I like to call it). Life has both and I would not be true to myself or my beliefs if I ever did such a thing.

6 thoughts on “Definitely not just a fluke…

  1. So good to hear the flowers and rainbows have been to visit, you did sound very low last post. I’m not a kid-person but found great joy and comfort in my beautiful dog – sadly lost him a year ago and I still miss his company and succour.

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    1. Thank you so much. They are so full of energy, and it was uplifting.
      So sorry to hear about your dog. I have a bunny myself and it so much fun to run around the balcony with her – I know I would be devastated if I lost her.


  2. That was a great article Kyriaco! Brought tears to my eyes…. Thanks for being such a good friend all these years (20!!! I can t beleive it).

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