New medication, a new beginning

After a month off my blog – I did kind of slack it off during August, because, August – I am finally back. So, let’s have a short update.

August was dreadful. Hot, humid, just unbearable. And coupled with all the work I had to do (on three fronts mind you) I was absolutely exhausted. Drained of all energy and quite frankly dragging my self from home to the office and back. I am certain the heat took a toll on other people too, but having to also deal with MS – as I’ve said before – accentuates things. And no, don’t ask me to quantify how much worse it is, I cannot do that. It just is. Please accept it.

So, I’ll keep this post relatively short and ease my way back in. Because to be honest I still am a bit out of it. Mentally and physically.

With the temperature a more reasonable 35C during the day – a far cry from the optimum for me of 25-30C – I decided it is time to rejoin the “world of the living.”

As an added bonus, I finally received my long awaited (two and a half years I think qualifies as long) medication. So, I am now on Aubagio, a daily pill regime. And apparently, I am the first patient in the country to have been prescribed and receive this medication for free by the government. A far cry from my previous treatment of one injection a day. Which hadn’t gone all that well.

So, today was my first day taking my new medication. A new beginning. And by definition, the end of an era too. So, onwards and upwards, I guess.

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