noun ser·en·dip·i·ty \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\

: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

I have been feeling kind of down for the past 10 days or so. And while I’d love to attribute this depression to my new medication, I know that the reason behind it is deeper.

So, in an attempt to break out of this rut I joined some friends on a weekend getaway. And it was good for the most part. Time away from worries, from every day life. Good company. Long interesting conversations, lasting well into the night. The peace and quiet of the countryside, clear night skies lit by stars and the moon. Good food, and while I was not allowed to drink myself, good wine and plenty of beer. (OK, fine. I’ll admit to having a quarter of a pint of beer).

The best moment, however, came unexpectedly. As the title suggests, serendipitously.

Living in a country that enjoys summer weather well to the end of September (not bragging, I promise), it was decided on Saturday morning that we’d go to the beach for a quick dip, before returning to base and preparing a late lunch barbecue. The beach we decided to go to was about 20-25 minutes away by car – although some optimists among us though 15 minutes max. So we hoped into two cars – 4 in each – and off we were.

That is where things veered off plan. Or went according to plan, depending what your perspective may be. I say they went awesome.

Stubbornness, over-confidence, and a refusal to use that all-great invention called GPS led us on a significantly longer drive. About an hour longer that is, through mountains and back down to the furthest point on the island. So far indeed that it is pretty much unaffected by the development that has been rampant everywhere else we might have gone to.

And there it was. A beautiful, untouched beach. With crystal clear waters, and the forest descending from the mountains above to nearly the beautiful sand that was caressed by the sea.

Because of my sensitivity to heat I did not spend that long on the beach my self. However, right on top of that short cliff was a beautiful quaint café, run by a friendly old couple. That was exactly where I retired. Gazing down on the calmness and endless blue of the Mediterranean, taking a couple of photographs, enjoying a refreshing beverage. And as usual contemplating about where I was, the last time I was in that area (1994 I think), the beauty of nature, how we ignore that beauty and destroy it for the sake of development, how an accidental turn and what would otherwise be considered a mistake landed us on this beautiful beach.

Beach panorama.jpg

So I guess, no I already know, things do not always go to plan. I’m not saying that everything happens for a reason – that is, I think at least, malarkey. Nor am I saying that you should surrender to fate. But even when things do not go to plan, they might still be beautiful. If only we let them be. If only we look at them as such. If we learn to enjoy them. Do the best with what we have.

Conclusion: I am definitely going back to the area. Soon. Before the summer weather is over. For the time being, I am back in the “developed” world. Where traffic noise and hustle and bustle of modern life dominate. But I can still sit there and daydream of that accidental road trip, that beautiful beach, the calm and quiet.

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