Life is a movie (take 2)

Yesterday I took a shot at my top five plus one movies. Perhaps I should have clarified that those were the five movies that I was thinking of at the time and would gladly watch on an idle Sunday evening, in no way an exhaustive list (although I am pretty sure I did that).

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Life is a movie

I am a big TV and movies fan. I do not deny it. I do not try to hide it. I refuse to apologize for it. I would be perfectly happy sitting on a comfortable couch and watching my favorite TV shows or a movie, doing absolutely nothing else and worrying about nothing. Or going to the movies and indulging in the beauty and magic of the big screen – ideally sharing a huge bucket of popcorn with a friend or a loved one and immersing myself in the world that the film I happen to be watching creates. Oh, and no cultural productions and deep thought movies – I like Hollywood and the blunt entertainment it offers.

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